Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

It's been a very family Christmas this year. We went to DUMC for the 8.30am celebration on 25th morning. It was quite difficult to get everybody out the door by 7.30am but we managed.
Jaclyn Victor made a special appearance, upon special request by Pr Daniel. After church, we came home and Nana wanted to take some photos with the kids while I cooked (!!!)

Yes, I cooked. It was just pasta.
We were planning to let the kids sleep in the car while we travelled to Seremban after lunch. But my princess dozed off at lunch...
So we put her on the bed and she slept for the next 3 hours. We didn't go to Seremban till evening.
In Seremban, we went out to Parkson after dinner. Ah Kong had Joe choose a toy for his Christmas present and much to my surprise and Ah Kong's delight, he chose a toy golf set!
He had Ah Kong give him a golf lesson at home. The boys also imagined they were playing hockey!

They found the floor too smooth and Ah Kong told Joe he would teach him how to play on the grass the next morning.

After his golf lesson, Joe went out to a neighbour's house to feed a dog. I'm not quite sure why he found it so interesting but he did.

In the evening on Saturday, the boys went swimming. At night, we had a family dinner at home. Ah Mah cooked up a storm which looked much like a Chinese New Year feast. I forgot to take photos though.
Everybody went home today. It was certainly good to get together. We're quite looking forward to the next one at CNY and then to our family holiday in March.
The next few days will be quite busy too. It's gonna be a wonderful end to a wonderful year.

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  1. yeeteow asked,"does she cook?" right before i scrolled down to where you said,"yes, I cooked. it's only pasta."
    Joy is falling alseep everywhere like you.

    love you!