Saturday, December 12, 2009

TwoPixels Photography Anniversary Giveaway!

I'm always a sucker for anything that's free!

And I love taking photos of my cute cheeky kids. Put that together and I absolutely couldn't resisit this photo session giveaway!

TwoPixels Photography is giving away a free photo session to 3 lucky bloggers, each worth RM450!

Sue & Jasmine at TwoPixel Photography are moms themselves so they sure know how to get great shots of kids, having experimented on their own. I particularly like their work with newborns, which they so cutely term as Pixel Out Of The Oven.

Sure makes me almost wanted to have another baby just to have a Pixel Out Of The Oven photoshoot.

Anyway, it's been almost a year since our last photo session and I've got good reasons to want another one.

Firstly, Joy-Anne is no longer bald. And she loves taking photos in pretty dresses!

I like my hair better now.

The kids smile more cheekily now.

I forgot to give both daalin and Joe haircuts before the last photo session hence they looked messy.

So the bottom line is that we all have better-looking hair and smiles now and it'll be a great time to have another photo session.

I sure hope I'm one of the 3 lucky ones!

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  1. Jasmine of Two-Pixels was previuosly my colleague from HP. She is a photographer... of course can shoot good pictures :)