Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun cousin time

The Yong Peng Tribe are here for a week. Joy-Anne has a playmate!
I took the kids out to Ikea/Curve/Tesco today. While the boys spent an hour in Smaland, Joy-Anne had her breakfast and then explored some part of Ikea...

I brought matching shirts and hats for the boys to wear for photo-taking.

They look so cute together!

Joy-Anne didn't want to be left out...

Then I got a brother-sister shot.
I bought these santa claus hats for RM1.50 from Carrefour. The same thing can be found in Memory Lane for RM5.50 and Jusco for RM7.90!

The highlight of Ikea is the child-sized trolleys. I've no idea why they love it so much!

Then we went over to Ikano where I bought Joe's guitar and then to the Curve. Mabel had a diaper change, Joy-Anne had milk and the boys expelled their energy at the plastic playground area.
After that we stopped at McDonalds for lunch.

We then went back to Ikea to make some purchases and validate the parking ticket.

Next stop was Tesco to get some stuff and utilise the twenty-ringgit Tesco voucher which my mum won during DUMC's Leaders' Day treasure hunt. But then I forgot about it when I paid.

When we finally wanted to go home, Joy-Anne didn't want to get out of the trolley. Even when we packed all the stuff and kids into the car, she still didn't want to get out.

The kids really had a fun-filled day.

Joy-Anne lasted all day without a nap. She even had energy to go down to the playground in the evening.

And then she splashed the 2 kor kors when they played with water. Finally Nana took her away to shower, leaving the 2 boys to play.

Joy-Anne finally slept at 8pm and Joe at 9pm. Tomorrow will be another fun day when Papa comes home with lots of goodies....I can't wait!


  1. You handled them single handed!!?

  2. the children are very cute!!
    Did you take the three children to ikea/ikano/curve all by yourself?
    where was mabel?

  3. haha...I'm not thatttt mad la.
    Took 4 kids with mother and maid :-)

  4. wow...looks so much fun! cant wait for rachel & sam to have cousins to play with! hehehe.

  5. btw, show photos of Joe's much was it?

  6. so Nana was there too?
    3 adults and 4 children?
    where are the pics of santa from down under?