Monday, November 02, 2009

our simple anniversary dinner

Daalin and I went out for dinner in conjunction with our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Actually it's also our weekly date. We ate at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. It's a decent, not-too-expensive place. Judging from the queue waiting to get a table, even on a weekday, I gather the place must be pretty good.
Loved the unagi don and soft shell crab. And of course the one-ringgit-bottomless green tea.

The total bill - RM64. We were sufficiently-full but not uncomfortably bloated.


  1. Congratulations, Dear. 7 years of marriage. You have many more years ahead of you. I am sure you will continue to have your weekly, and yearly dates. I know these will only draw you closer to one another. God bless.

  2. ya... Sushi Zanmai price vs quality is quite comparable. :)

    Congratulations to both of you !!