Monday, November 02, 2009

pretty dresses at odd hours

I'm starting to find out that my princess is vain. Very vain. Too vain!
Last night, before going to sleep, she saw me keeping her dresses and she said, "I want to wear pretty dress". So I told her, "It's night time. Go to sleep!"

She woke up at 2something in the morning (from Nana's bed) and asked Nana to "Carry me to Mama's bed!!!"

So Nana put her on Mama's bed and Nana went back to sleep while Joy jumped on Mama. And then at about 3.30am, she said, "Take off shirt! I want to wear pretty dress!"

She kept pulling her shirt up to her shoulders, exposing her entire chest and tummy. So I took out one of the dresses that YeeYee bought - no zips, hooks, buttons, and put it over her pyjamas. It was long so it covered her tummy. Then she was happy and went back to sleep.
Must be too's now 8.40am and she's still sleeping (usually wakes up at 7 plus).


  1. Like mother like daughter!!

  2. I can't help but keep laughing... hahaha...

  3. hahahahaha.... vain just like her mother! :)

  4. ehh...what is all this like mother thing ah? I don't wake up at unearthly hours to dress up you know...

  5. Haha..she remembered her pretty dress even at 2-3am? mother like daughter ah? Now I know :-)