Monday, November 16, 2009

Legend International Water Homes - Day 2.

We woke up to a very wet and grey morning. It rained all of today. Not too bad for hibernating.

So we walked over to the main hotel building (using the umbrellas thoughtfully provided by the hotel) for breakfast at the Duyung Restaurant. It was cold! Maybe super cold due to the rain. Daalin had to go back to get another shirt for me.

I started of with a bowl of chicken porridge to warm myself up.
It was not too bad though I've tasted much better ones. A wee bit too watery if you ask me, and the condiments were scarce. Daalin wanted fried dace to go with it.
The breakfast spread was alright but not quite what I'd expect of a 5star hotel.

I liked the variety of beverage - pineapple, mango, orange, guava juices, low fat milk, strawberry milk, full cream milk, soya bean.

This was round 1 - nasi goreng kampung, minced beef pie, chicken sausage, beef rendang, siew mai.
The minced beef pie was a bit too salty. The rest were alright.

There was a lot of stuff that I didn't even touch - pasta, pulut kukus, nasi minyak, beef bacon, potato wedges, mee hoon siam, curry chicken, pau, croissant, bread, muffins, salad.

Unlike The Saujana (which is kinda my benchmark hotel), they did not have nasi lemak (not that I wanted it), no muesli, no yoghurt.
So I had 2 rounds of koko krunch, lots of fruits, 2 rounds of porridge, an omelette and plenty of juice.
the scale model of our room

We then spent the rest of the morning lazing in the room before taking our afternoon nap.

layout of the hotel

More photos and comments about the room - the television is firmly stuck to the wall. They should have put some thought into fixing the kind of bracket that would enable the tv to be pulled out a little and turned left and right.

This sink in the pantry - the tap is too near the wall and too far from the sink. Water splashes out of the sink too much. If they had installed the tap just 2 inches nearer to the sink, or placed the sink further in towards the wall, the water wouldn't splash out as much.
I also don't like taps with 2 knobs. It's inconvenient when I have dirty hands. I much prefer the lever kind that I can just nudge with my elbow and swing left and right for temperature adjustment.

This is the kids' playroom. It's a good alternative to the playground on a rainy day. Located next to the pool cafe, parents can sit and have a drink while keeping an eye on the kids.

Plenty of brand new bicycles at your disposal...

The view of the water chalets from the swimming pool. Maybe if you book the ones at the far end, you'll plenty of privacy but no wifi connection.

We drove out to Port Dickson town for dinner but couldn't find any decent place to eat so we ended up at the same place as last night - Restoran Seaview Chardin. This time we had the same butter cheese sea mentis, spring onion/ginger venison, singapore fried mee hoon...
...and nestum soft shell crab.
I hope they different stuff for breakfast tomorrow.

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