Sunday, November 01, 2009

Edwin's 33rd Birthday

Daalin is 33 years old today. We had a simple dinner of very-yummy-chee-chap-chuk, cake, cookies, ice-cream and sparkling grape juice at home.

helping papa to put in the candles

stuffing her face with ice-cream

showing his cake-stained teeth

I don't know what to say about this....

see mama... the stool is stuck to my butt!

check out my balancing skill

stool stuck to butt again


  1. yeeteow: why are the dentist's son and daughter eating cake AND ice-cream?
    yeeyee: because it's daalin's bday!!!

  2. Wei!

    I am coming over tonight for Cake and Ice- Cream!

    Need to take Picture of you and your kids again for my Early Childhood Diploma pubilicity materials!

  3. i want to eat the very-yummy-chee-chap-chuk

  4. why dentist's son & daugther can eat ice-cream but cannot eat sweets? hehehe.

  5. gotta come here to get the chee chap chuk.

    wee lyn - ice cream is the lesser evil. with sweets...the sugar stays in your mouth for a very very long time. how long can you keep ice cream in your mouth? it will melt and go down your throat. then just ask them to gargle la.