Friday, November 20, 2009

Party Day at Juara Cerdik

Today being the last day of this academic year, the kids at Joe's kindy had party with the theme - Garden. Joe later told me, "I thought we were going to have a garden party in a garden??!?!!"

This lazy mummy was much too lazy to come up with an elaborate costume so Joe went dressed as a gardener.

Evan was a garden and Nat was a banana. Nat's papa stayed up till 4am fixing his costume! What a dedicated dad!

They kids ran around (even though teacher kept saying, "Children...sit down!") until about 9am when they started eating.

I managed to get a picture of Joe with his teacher before eating.

There was so much food. Some parents went to a great deal of effort. But kids don't eat a lot. And the pantry is full of leftovers to reward the teachers for their hardwork.

Jasmine Class 2009

I hung around the place looking at the artwork....

These are all the kids who won the Best Dressed Awards. One from each class. There was a carrot, a pumpkin, an apple tree, Bob the tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Joe enjoyed himself. It's been a good year. Now we look forward to a good holiday!


  1. Did u make the wheelbarrow? what did u use? What about the watering can?
    very cute!

  2. Joe's costume was really nice leh - if that's a lazy one, then I cannot imagine what an elaborate one would look like. The wheelbarrow and watering can was a really nice touch.

  3. Thanks...

    wheelbarrow - used a old broken toy shopping trolley as the skeleton. tape 2 rotans to it for handle. used styrofoam for the wheels.

    watering can - it's a real one. found it lying around the house...can't remember why and when we bought it.

  4. Hi, I chance upon this blog and realised my son is in the same class as yours. Is your son continuing in JC next year?

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Yes he's continuing in JC next year. Who is your son?