Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Legend International Water Homes - Day 3 : the good and the not so good

It's a rare thing for me to wake up to sunlight streaming into the room. Lovely.

Breakfast was better today. I started with the same wattery chicken porridge followed by a plate of nasi tomato with chicken rendang (pretty good), crunchy ikan bilis (for YeeTeow's benefit, ikan bilis = anchovies) and hash brown. I liked the hash brown - crunchy on the outside, crispy on the inside.

The other stuff was basically the same. But I did like the chocolate croissant which I only discovered at the end. I had 3 pieces of this.

After breakfast, we took a walk around the hotel grounds, and also across to Legend Water Chalets.

This is the view of one branch of the water chalets, taken from the opposite branch. It's not very far apart and if you zoom in....

...you can see the guy cleaning the pool on the top unit.
I only have a 3x optical zoom. Imagine what you can see if you have more zoom power.

This is the view of the Tower Block of Legend Water Chalets, taken from the water chalets.

The Legend Water Chalets pool - it's pretty small. There's a outdoor playground and also a kids' playroom in that building next to the playground. The tall building at the back is Glory Beach Resort.

This is the layout of Legend Water Chalets. The distance between 2 branches is only about 40m. So people on opposite branches look directly into each other's balconies. A wee bit too close for comfort for me.

Back at Legend International Water homes, we walked to the end of the water chalet branch and this is the view looking back at the main hotel building. Behind the wall on the right is the private pool of a pool vila.
So people can't look into your pool area, but neither can you look out to the sea which to me, defeats the purpose of being over water. All you can see of the sea is through that glass panel on the floor. And all you see is murky water.

Even if you get the end unit which looks out on to the open sea....
...the pool area is still walled up.

This whole resort is still very new - you can see morning glory climbing the support posts and other plants waiting to grow and green the place.

the view of the corridor for the water pool villas

Some things they could improve on...

1. The Gym - they could put a clock on the wall for starters. Then add free weights, daily newspapers, some magazines and a tv (with astro).

2. Breakfast - add yoghurt and muesli.

Note to people planning to come here - the air con can be very cold. Bring a cardigan. Even at 24C, it felt very cold when it rained.

Overall, we had a pretty good relaxing time which is the purpose of our getaway. And we got the private pool we paid for. The staff are all very smiley and polite. They greet you, hold doors open and see to your every request.

It's a kid-friendly place. Contrary to what I thought, it's quite safe to have kids in the pool villa. There's a sliding door that you can close and lock to prevent kids from straying into the private pool should you need leave them jumping on the beds while you take a shower or make a drink.

Now if only they had a feedback form in this hotel room so I could tell them what I think...


  1. You could email them the link to this blog post for their action.

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