Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two, Three or more? - Joe can't decide.

On Friday, Joseph all out of the blue said to me, " about we make one more baby?"

I was surprised.

So Mama said, "Why? I thought you don't want anymore baby?"

Joe said, "Make one more baby...then we will have three children. Because the dinosaur on the show Ah Ku gave me also got three babies".

He had been watching Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinosaurs and the T-Rex had 3 babies.

they look so cute, don't they?

Then on Saturday....Joe said to me, "Mama...I don't want another baby. Just 2 children is enough."
Now Mama was confused. "I thought you want another one like the T-Rex?", I said to him.

Joe said, "No....just Joy-Anne is enough".

Oh well....we'll see what God says.
By the way, after the picture was taken, they hugged and kicked and rolled over each other in their sleep like two drunken snakes. Absolutely adorable!


  1. where did u and daalin sleep (when J n j were sleeping on your bed)?

  2. sleep on the same bed also la...
    when we want to sleep, roll Joy-Anne over to the cot (joined to our bed) and daalin sleep on the other end so that Joe don't roll off. When I have a bigger house, gonna get a custom-made bed that is the size of TWO queen-sized bed. Or maybe two king-sized bed. Daalin says, "So that the kids can all sleep with us? NO!!!"

  3. I should have give him the sound of music instead!
    Then you will really had it!!!