Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joy-full Nonsense

I fear the terrible twos are starting too soon for Joy-Anne.

Last night, she played musical beds with my mum and I.

At bed time, she slept in Nana's bed.

3am plus - she woke up crying for Mama's bed. So Nana carried her to Mama's bed and she slept.

6.20am - she woke up crying for Nana's bed. Such a pitiful cry...."Nanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... Mama carry....find Nanaaaaaaa!!!!!!!"

At first I didn't want to give in to her. So I patted her, talked to her :

Mama : You want rotan?

Joy : No.

Mama : You want cane?

Joy : No.

Mama : You want elephant?

Joy : No.

Mama : Where is Papa?

Joy : Papaaaaa.....where are you? Papa...where are you? Nana....where are you?

Mama : You want to go shopping?

Joy : **cry again** Find Nana.....go shopping!!!

She calmed down for a while. Then started her nonsense again. Finally I carried her to Nana's bed. The moment she touched the bed, she said "I want Mama bed".

modelling the headwreath and fairy wand I made for Marissa

By comparison, Joseph is such an angel. He slept through the night at 4 months, and refused diapers by 23 months. Joy-Anne actually likes diapers!!!

This morning, she threw kor kor's water bottle cover on the floor and then kinda gave kor kor a slap. Not a very hard one but the action was still there.

Kor Kor has been very gracious to her. I think I should send her to Ah Koh's house for a week of training.


  1. waaaa so demanding.......
    but yet sooooo adorable huh?
    are you really gonna use the CANE?

  2. Ah Koh must be very fierce!

  3. That first photo ... she looks sooo ... mischievously pretty. Is she playing with her toes?