Thursday, November 05, 2009

photos with Ah Ku

Ah Ku came over last night to take some photos. He needed some models for his Early Childhood Education programme banners again.

So I got him to take some pictures of the Christmas tree for YeeYee's viewing.

We then took Joe out to clinic to see paed while Joy-Anne entertained Ah Ku at home.

I'm playing with my water

see I can balance the spoon on the cup

stir it round and round...

then I wash my hands in it to add flavour

would you like to have a taste?

come on....don't be shy!

it's pretty good you know

lip-smacking good

check out my kissable lips

nicer than Amber Chia's right?

come nearer....I kiss and show you...

and my teeth also very nice. But I don't like mama brushing them.

oh no....dirtied the pretty dress that Yee Yee bought!

ahh....bottoms up!

and this is the Christmas tree lighted up!


  1. not just any pretty dress; a Neiman Marcus dress!!!
    thanks for the pictures.

  2. Heheheh I put them up on my blog too!

  3. So that's the new baby chair for Joy Anne! What did you do with the old one?

  4. yes that's the new chair.
    she sit until don't want to get out.
    the old one left at the rubbish room.

  5. the new chair looks really nice. i want to sit in it too.
    what happened to the old one?

  6. the part that keeps the removable table in place broke. 10 years d mah... wear and tear. so there was nothing to prevent the table from slipping off. and 2 weeks ago Joy was leaning against it and watching tv...and it slipped off! she fell and hit her face on the floor. right cheek bruised for 1 week. Thank God nothing broken.

  7. that was a very long fall. the table was already slipping off way back in August. Thank God for protecting Joy.
    Next time don't wait for something bad to happen before replacing something that needs to be replaced.