Sunday, November 15, 2009

Annual Honeymoon 2009 - Legend International Water Homes

We're finally on our annual honeymoon, 2 weeks late. Joe is done with his assessment and tomorrow is a school holiday for him so here we are...
The road signs were not very good. We overshot the turning and found ourselves in Port Dickson town before turning back. For those intending to come here, it's right next to Glory Beach Resort. You'll have to turn right where the sign says "Legend International Water Homes. 600m" because the 600m means there's 600m from that junction to the hotel. Not that the junction is another 600m away.

There was a huge tour group checking out as we arrived so we had to wait a while to check in. That done, they kindly drove us to our room in a buggy.

It was actually very near. But we appreciate the nice gesture.

Entering the room, I could still smell the fresh paint. The floor felt kinda sandy. We used the indoor slippers and called housekeeping to clean the floor again.

Two king-sized beds. Ample space for families with big kids.

There's a pantry with a microwave oven. I found it weird that the mini bar is not here, but in the main room underneath the tv. There's also a small counter with 2 stools here.
Nice selection of tea. A wee bit more variety than the usual that hotels provide.
Separate toilet and shower. Useful for people who sit on the throne for ages. I like the rain kind of showerhead in the shower. This bathroom is huge. You could pitch a tent here.
Toiletries are arranged in a nice wooden tray.
I've no idea what brand this is but it sounds expensive. Hotel toiletries usually have their name and logo on them. This one doesn't.The highlight of the room - the private pool.It's a decent size, about 4ft deep. The entire pool is roofed (because there's another unit above us) providing enough privacy to go skinny dipping. But the rules and regulations on the wall says that proper swimwear is required.
The pool area is cordoned off with glass swing doors (that will not stay open by itself and are quite heavy to push open) that should keep kids out.
After a much-needed afternoon nap, we ventured out of the room to get some exercise. The swimming pool which is just behind our room has a nice kids playground IN the pool! So kids can actually slide into the pool. It's also got water shooting out of the little spouts. I can just imagine how excited Joseph will be to see this.
But Daalin said, "No! We're not going home to bring the kids here!".

So we went to the gym which is located next to the swimming pool.

This is the swimming pool with the water chalets in the background.

This is how our room unit looks like with the swimming pool behind us. The bottom unit is our room. The top unit (probably a sky villa) has a private pool with the sky above. It doesn't seem that private because we can see the showerhead and door from where we were standing. I guess you shouldn't go skinny dipping if you book one of those units.

The gym is very new. But really small. It's got a nice view though.
But unlike the gym at The Saujana, this one doesn't provide towels, water or fruit. There's no tv, no newspapers, no magazines (I like to read while on the stationary bike. It helps to pass time).

We went back to the room and I stepped on the digital scale. It's been a while since I weighed myself.
Then we showered and went out for dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant.
Dinner was a very big plate of seafood fried rice, some noodles Daalin ordered and a small portion of cheese butter lai liu har (sea mentis). I'm glad we didn't order more because I was very full. There's no wifi in the room but it's free in the lobby and in the restaurant.
Gonna go relax in the room now and watch CSI while sipping green tea. Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Hope it's good.


  1. Aigner is branded my girl.......
    So tell me, should i be there next month?

  2. oh is it...? branded?
    I take the shampoo back for you la... I think my sunsilk or pantene shampoo better la.