Monday, November 16, 2009

my vain princess is growing

We took Joy to the paediatrician last Friday. I thought she missed her chicken-pox jab at 13 months. But when we got into Dr's room, doc pointed out (on another card) that she did get her jab back in February. However, she didn't get her HiB (Haemophilus Influenzae B) booster jab which was due at 18months because government clinics no longer give that.

So we gave her that booster. She came home and said to her grandmother, " buttock painful."

She now weighs 13.5kg and stands at 87.5cm. Since I weigh about 48.5kg, our total weight is now the same as that when I was 9 months pregnant with her - 62kg.


  1. cannot hear what joy said. background noise too loud.
    what's that on her face?

  2. dunno what she say. Joe watching tv behind. Just see her busy applying lotion on her face.

  3. what jab did j get in August? (when we went along with you).

  4. that was at the KKIA. she had her DPT, OPV and HepB boosters. I think.