Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Did the kids miss me?

If I had thought that the kids would miss me and be miserable during my 3D2N-absence, I was sorely mistaken.

My mum reported that Joy-Anne did not ask for me even once. And Joseph said, "How about mama and papa go for honeymoon everyday?"

On Sunday, they did not nap till 3.30pm! (They normally sleep by 2pm and wake up at about 4pm.) Joseph woke up at 6.30pm and Joy-Anne slept till 7pm.

They went out at 10pm (all recharged and energized) to Ah Ku's new house and came home at almost midnight.

On Tuesday, Joseph decided he would skip school and Nana let him.

They had a party at home! Maybe we should have another baby. Or go away more often.


  1. Well, Joy Anne did 'ask' for Mama once. On Tuesday morning, as soon as she work up, the first thing she said was, "Mama, where are you?" in a delightful tone, and she repeated that a few times Then she asked for Nana.

  2. Ooh... i like hearing Joy call for ppl. "Mama, where are you?"
    "Bucky, where are you?"
    totally and wonderfully cute!
    Mama and Papa should go on honeymoon more often so J n j can party. Next time, I wanna be there too so we can party even more!

  3. wah party time for the kids! woo hoo! :):)