Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joy's puzzle

Recently, Joy-Anne discovered kor kor's box of puzzles. She particularly likes 2 of them - a picture of a dog and the other of 3 rabbits.

She surprised us by fixing it all by herself in about 1.5 minutes (distracted by the tv). She will say, "Papa...can we make puzzle?"

I can't seem to upload the rest of the puzzle in another video that's more than a minute long. Streamyx is just too slow and lousy.

When she's done, she says, "I'm so clever!"


  1. so clever and SO pretty!!
    she's getting prettier and prettier everyday!!!

  2. and more and more naughty everyday!!!

  3. she also like to self-praise ar? my rachel likes to self-praise too each time she does something correctly by herself eg. fixing a puzzle, brushing her teeth, etc! haha.