Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm a banana. Yellow outside but white on the inside.

I also have a western stomach. I'd much rather have pasta or burgers than rice. Anyday. In fact, I'd be quite happy to not have to eat rice.

For a vacation, I would pick USA or Australia over China. Anytime. For that matter, I've been to both USA and Australia but never to China and I would go again and again to USA and Australia (if I had money unlimited) and it would not matter if I never went to China.

I know, I's so un-chinese of me. Kacang lupakan kulit.

But my children will have to go to chinese school and learn to read and write chinese. He's already learning it in kindy and they are tested on 'ting sie' every week.

This is what he had to write last week.
Gong Ji (rooster) and Mu Ji Hui Xia Tan (mother hen can lay egg). Not easy and so many strokes. So my smart son being the adaptive child he is, wrote Tan as in his surname because he couldn't remember how to write tan as in egg.
But he did eventually get it right in school. After 2 big chee tans, this time he got 9/10. I know he has the brains if he will just focus and concentrate on his work. For now, he's such a dreamer and so easily distracted.


  1. the kids do not need to go to a chinese school to learn chinese.
    anyway, J will definitely be able to cope in a chinese school or any other school for that matter as he is a very smart boy.

    p/s : i don't even know how to write 'egg' in chinese!!!

  2. hey Joseph the 'dreamer' :) jst like in the Bible.. :)

  3. It's ok, I'm banana parent also, if we're sending our kids to chinese school, I always feel to prepare them before they enter, scared they get cultural shock. If Nana knows Chinese, it's good he can learn from her, else consider tuition.

    Keep up the good work, Joe