Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hyla in the home

I've had a problem with dust for the longest time. It's more accurately called indoor pollution. Now that we have a new home twice the size of the old one, I told Daalin that I'm gonna need some help with keeping the house clean but I still don't quite like the idea of maids or cleaners.

So we finally got a Hyla. It's much more than just a vacuum cleaner.
The stuff that comes out of the mattresses and pillows is just shocking!

Can you imagine sleeping with all that every night?

So far, cleaning has been a breeze. I can clean everything from ceiling to floor with this Hyla. There's even no need to wash the curtains because I can just suck everything up and flush it down the toilet. And thus far, I'm glad to say that Actifed is no longer my best friend!

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