Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Hair Affair

It's been almost 4 months since my last hair cut and I'm starting to itch again about whether or not to fix my hair. That's the problem with having short hair - it needs more regular fixes (means cost more time and $$$!!!)

I don't remember who cut my hair up till my teenage years. I'll have to ask my mother that.

Then in my teenage years, I went to my mum's hairstylist who works from home. Each hair cut cost RM5.

Even when I came to KL to study, I would always go back to visit her for a trim each time I went home to Penang. RM5 haircuts became RM6, and then later RM8. With just 2 hair cuts a year, it cost less than the price of a 1.5kg tin of Milo to maintain my hair.

Eventually, I got married and started working and it was no longer feasible to keep going back to Penang for my hair cuts.

So I went to the RM12 kwik-cut places where they cut your hair for RM12 in 12 minutes. With inflation, it became RM13 for 13 minutes and if I'm not mistaken, it's currently RM15 for 15 minutes!

But it didn't always turn out they way I'd like. So I thought I would go to a proper hair salon. And I did! I tried out the RM20 dry cut at Derrick Hair Salon (opposite Carrefour in Midvalley Megamall). It was ok.....for all of 2 weeks. Then I started having bad hair days again.

Finally, in January this year, I gave myself a birthday treat by having a proper wash, cut and blow. I tried out Snips at The Curve. The junior stylist cost RM30 and he took over an hour! This was by far the most I had ever paid for anything to do with hair!

after the RM30 hair cut

I told him that I wanted to grow it long but the ends were sticking out in the process and I didn't like that. So he suggested cutting it more even so that the bottom was heavy and wouldn't stick out so much.

It worked....until the hair reached my shoulders and started sticking out again. During this time, we were in Melbourne and it really didn't matter because the lack of humidity resulted in static which kept my hair flat and in place. I also didn't have to bend over people's mouth so it didn't matter that my hair was unruly and all over the place.

When we got back, I just couldn't find the time to see a hairstylist. Finally, with 2 weddings approaching in August, I had to do something!
Out of mere convenience, I walked 100m to my 'neighbour', Chezz Technique during my lunch break while at work. I paid RM62 for the hair cut by a senior stylist, setting a new personal record.
3 weeks after the RM62-hair cut

This senior hairstylist cut a bob for me - longer at the front, shorter at the sides. It looked pretty modern and stylish to me.

I'm glad to say that almost 4 months after this most-expensive-hair cut, I still like my hair. Most days, I don't even bother to comb. I just grab a chunk from each side and clip it at the back. My hair stays out of my face and out of my patients' faces. And the ends are still behaving themselves and not sticking out.

Sometimes I wonder if I should do something more than maybe perm or rebonding or colouring.....but the cost and the time needed just puts me off.
I'd rather take the family out for a satisfying meal at some place like Shogun. And who has time to sit for hours at the salon?
So dilemma is to either let it grow out (and thereafter cut once every 6 months) pay another visit to Chezz...


  1. What did you do to your blog? It looks so, so nice now! And your blog shop is fantastic.

  2. It's too busy looking. cannot focus on j n J's pics.
    i prefer the older background.
    simple and clean.

  3. What happened to your profile. It has become a clown! You put in the clown and lost your own profile?

  4. RM62 for a hair cut? wow!