Wednesday, October 07, 2009

toy from trash

I was home with the kids on Monday and managed to have some art time with Joe while Joy was still napping.

We made an airplane!

Joe drew the windows on a paper towel roll...

Then I helped him make slits in the roll and inserted wings cut out from hard cardboard.

We cut out an egg carton for the cockpit...

...taped it to the fuselage...

Added more slits and cardboard for the tail and then Joe decorated it with stars that he punched out using the craft punch.
I made another smaller plane (using toilet paper roll) for Joy-Anne so they wouldn't fight.

Joe said, "Mama is very clever."


  1. whoa....dentists can make planes nowadays? Engineers are gonna run out of job pretty soon :-p

  2. yeah better start learning to cook rendang :-)

  3. Indeed mama is so clever. Nice plane.