Sunday, October 25, 2009

My princess at 21+ months

This time last year, I was already planning for Joy-Anne's 1st birthday party. I've always felt that the first year creeps by minute by minute. But once we've passed the 1st birthday, time flies!

Her 2nd birthday is now less than 3 months away. I've got her no.2 candle already (bought in Australia) but there won't be any big party. Just a cake and dinner with family.

I find that she's very advanced in her speech. And very demanding too.

this is how she folds her arm and says, "not fair!" - learnt from kor kor.

She says things like...

scratch my back!
pat here (puts my hand on her chest)
let me go down!
I want to.... go playground/play piano etc etc
mosquito bite here....put skin oil!
enough!!! (when she doesn't want me to put cream on her mosquito bites)

this is how she feeds Matthew water

She is also very naughty at times. We have used the cane on her a few times. She will then rub her thigh and say, "Pain. Very pain". But the next minute, she's back to her nonsense.
and this is how she makes Matthew shee shee. She will say, "good boy."

In my opinion, smart = naughty.
Or at least the potential to be more naughty.
she can also pat Matthew to sleep.

Just this morning, she said, "No way!!!" when we tried to feed her milk. Guess where she learnt this from... kor kor of course!

Smart as she is, she is not doing very well in the toilet-training department. Unlike Joseph who obediently pooed in the potty, she absolutely refuses to deposit anything in the potty. She will sit for hours without any produce. Then as soon as you let her off, she pees on the floor. And then she stands in the puddle of pee and says, "Help!!! Wet wet!"

So we'll scold her and ask her, "Is this the toilet?"
Joy : No.
Mama/Nana : Shee shee where?
Joy : toilet.
Mama/Nana : Where is the toilet?
And she will walk to the toilet and point to you. Is that naughty or what?


  1. you're constantly being entertained!!!
    Joy is so far-nee.
    All our toes are laughing!

  2. u sure u know where the candle is?
    (you lost ah ku's aussie bday candle.)

  3. yes now I know where the candle is. And I found reuben's candle too. have to find other use for it.

  4. just save the candle for joy's 3rd bday. camouflage the zero.