Tuesday, October 13, 2009

family time at ikea

Joseph has been saying that it's been a long time since he went to Ikea. He loves that place and I used to take him there on my non-working days. Until he went to school this year.
So we made a trip there yesterday evening. Instead of father-and-son-time, we brought Joy along so it was family time.

On the way home from school, I asked Joe if he wanted to go to Ikea that evening. He was so excited! Once we got home, he undressed, dumped his clothes in the washing machine and zoomed to the bathroom for his bath.
He ate his lunch very fast and was ready for his nap by 12.40pm. I put Joy to sleep and then Joe said he wanted to pang sai. So I quickly put Joy down in the cot and took Joe to the toilet.
We arrived in Ikea at about 5pm. What a life....when people are still in the office, we are with the kids in Ikea.

I always tell Joe that he is so blessed to have mummy who doesn't work full-time and a fantastic grandmother at other times.

I think....in actual fact, I'm the one who is blessed to be able to spend more time with them.

They loved pushing the child-sized trolleys around.

Joy was just so happy. Joe was too happy. I had to warn him countless times to watch where he was going because we were surrounded by breakable stuff!
After a spin around Ikea, we went hopped over to The Curve.

And then to Pizza Hut for dinner.
The set dinners are the most value-for-money ones around. For only RM9.15nett, we get a very cheesy 6"pizza, a bowl of soup, 2 pieces of cheese bread and a glass of pepsi.
I'm so glad to report that Joy finished the entire bowl of soup and even had some of kor kor's soup.
forgot to bring bib...so make do with lampin

It was a good evening out. Joy was singing this on the way home....

She learnt it just by listening to the cassette tape that Ah Mah gave. We played it in the car a few times and she just caught it.
...a sweet end to a lovely day.


  1. I am coming to KL this Thursday. Looking forward to see the kids.

  2. where was nana?
    why did Joe change outfit from Ikea to pizza hut?
    i must say i really liked those two shirts!!!
    i miss going to Ikea with Joe!

  3. definitely a blessing that you dont have to work full-time and get to spend more time with the kids.
    how i wish i'm in your position too! hehe.. :):)

  4. I wished I didn't have to work full time too. You and your children are indeed blessed.

  5. aww they're growing up so fast! =) and Joy is really musical!