Tuesday, October 06, 2009

mid-autumn festival

I have too busy to make updates - the kids have been sick.
Joe had fever for 5 days from 23rd - 27th September. After that Joy had fever for 4 days from 28th September to 1st October. Since last Friday, there has been no more fever but Joy-Anne has still been vomitting due to phlegm.
Her appetite is pathetic. I've tried everything. She won't even open her mouth at times. On Sunday night, she wore ONE diaper from 9pm till 1pm on Monday. It wasn't even full.

Anyway....I'm so glad Joy was well enough to go to Children's Church last Saturday. Children's Church was celebrating Children's Day and having a lantern party. So we were there from 11.30am.

Joseph happily helped with the decorations in Hall 1. He felt very happy to be useful.

Joy-Anne took a nap in my very-useful-sarong-sling.

The kids dressed according to the theme - traditional outfit.

Joy wanted to wear the hat which actually goes with Joseph's outfit. It no longer fits Joe and he graciously let his sister have it.
Pastor Nancy sportingly dressed in a saree.
The kids had a treat....a show by Uncle Allan, and then followed by a couple of clowns (Uncle Allan's sidekicks).

After Children's Church finished at about 4.45pm, we went downstairs for the weekly celebration. Joy-Anne fell asleep again in my sarong.
She looks like a baby here. I took this picture myself. It was so cute to see her peeking thru the sarong and looking at me as she dozed off.
Joy slept thru almost the entire celebration, and then woke up at the end of the sermon....coughed and threw up all the milk she drank before sleeping. I am so glad we caught it in a plastic bag. Otherwise, the entire auditorium would stink of vomit and I wouldn't know where to hide my face. A tiny blob landed on the carpet, streaks of it ran down Edwin's pants and we had to change Joy's clothes.

Leaving church at about 7.30pm, we came home and went straight up to the garden at Block 4/5 for a lantern party hosted by Sook Vui & Chin Hong - our neighbour-doctor-friends.
The kids had a blast. They hardly ate. But who needs to eat when you're having so much fun!

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  1. Thanks for the update. I was looking forward to it. Missed the kids.