Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It pays to fly with Emirates

Sometime ago, I wrote about our broken luggage after Daalin came back from UK.

So we wrote to Emirates asking for compensation. Daalin actually had a very pleasant experience flying with Emirates. He found it far superior to MAS and SIA. The broken baggage was an anti-climax to the whole trip.

After a series of e-mails between Emirates and us, this came by Fedex yesterday.

I'm satisfied with their customer service and will certainly consider Emirates for future travels.

I know full well that it could have been KLIA's fault. But I doubt I would even get a response from Malaysia Airports Bhd.

So anyway, my bag is paid for. Case closed.


  1. Definitely better than Korean Airlines when Korean Airlines starved your baby and neither Korean Air nor Expedia would not take responsibility.

  2. What a nice gesture. I've never flied Emirates though.

  3. ..oppsie...flown, I mean, not flied :-)

  4. yeah emirates is pretty good =)