Wednesday, July 01, 2009

sick and busy

I was sick and busy the past one week. After some sinful gluttony on durians, I developed sorethroat. And then I caught a bug from the kids and had runny nose (NOT H1N1!) and a log of phlegm since last Thursday.

On Monday, I started having bad stomach aches and I've been purging for 3 days. Everything I eat comes out the rear end 2 hours later in a watery form.

The kids still have drippy noses. Joseph's cough has officially hit the 6-month mark. I've seen 2 paediatricians. One says it's slight asthma and allergy to dust mites. She prescribed Zyrtec, Ventolin and Flixonase. The other said his lungs are perfectly clear and he's just having one bug after another (common with kids starting pre-school). I don't quite know what to do for him now.

Cough aside, he's growing well and now weighs 19kg. I find it very difficult to carry him now.
Joy-Anne started eating again 2 days ago, in tiny amounts. Eating means a piece of cheese, 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt, a piece of keropok....

I'm also busy putting together a childhood video montage for Reuben's wedding. Digging up old photos....I'm surprised how much the kids have grown in just 6 months!

I'm so glad Joy-Anne's hair has grown so much and she looks much more feminine now.
And lastly, I'm also busy because there's 2 hands less in the house with Edwin halfway around the world for a fortnight. Joseph tends to give me more nonsense when his father is not around. In fact, he told Joy-Anne, "papa cannot 'tiak' you because he is far far away...his hand cannot stretch so long!"


  1. hi buffafly, do you want to let jo try homeopathy? I always see this homeopathy dr for myself n the kids. it is gentle and effective sometimes.

  2. you just gave yee teow a good reason not to eat durian!

  3. dear, i told u abt Vic's cough. she's seeing a allergist consultant, who uses an unconventional method called the muscle testing to check for all sorts of allergist from mites to food to colorings. Will share more with u on the mites allergies when I see u. We are all out to kill 'em in our hse.

    Zyrtec is good and non drowsy, vic was adviced to take 5ml twice a day from her paed to rid the cough.

  4. Priscilla's Pop04 July, 2009 00:34

    Durians! Last Sunday afternoon a group of us went to Balik Pulau, Penang for durians. RM10 per person, eat all you can. And I had a feast. Top grade durians, creamy. I think I had about 20 biji from about 10 different fruits. They even threw in rambutans and mangosteen. Went home and drank lots of water for the rest of the day. Next day, none the worse, no sore throat. Some of us are thinking of going again this week.

  5. Priscilla's Pop!
    Can you take us there on Aug 11?

  6. Priscilla's Pop04 July, 2009 15:31

    There is a glut of durians now, but the abundance will be over in a week or two. Sorry.

  7. Jo is 19kg? Wah! That's almost twice YY's weight. Envy envy...