Monday, July 27, 2009

one tiring weekend past, one busy month ahead.

On Friday night, we got home from CG at 10pm plus and the kids went to bed at about 11pm. At about midnight, Joy-Anne suddenly got up and vomitted. She cried from discomfort and then threw up more (mainly water and thick phlegm). After a while I felt she was warm. I checked - true enough, she had fever of 39C.

I gave her paracetamol but she threw it up immediately. So I had no choice but to give her a voltaren suppository.
Saturday morning - she woke up at 8am plus feverish again. I took her to see a paediatrician. He checked and said everything was ok. Even her throat was not really red. So he suspected the infection must be lower down the throat i.e. her larynx since her voice was hoarse. He advised plenty of fluids and rest and to keep the fever under control while her body fights the virus.

So I stayed home with her on Saturday while Nana, Papa and Joseph went for Children's Church.
Sunday she was a bit better. There was a 12-hour fever-less stretch. But she still woke up at 4am this morning to throw up some phlegm. I hope that's the end of the fever.
these are for sale if anyone is interested...

Yesterday evening, I took Joy-Anne and Nana to Cyberview Lodge for my cousin's wedding rehersal.

The wedding is this coming Saturday, 1st August and Joy-Anne will be one of the flowergirls. I just hope she walks where we want her to walk.

It didn't quite help the the pageboy who's supposed to lead the way, didn't want to walk and ran away.

I will prepare Joseph to be the back-up page boy. Kinda like an understudy :-)

After my cousin's wedding, "Santa Clause" will be coming back from Philadelphia. I've to be Santa Clause's tour guide and driver and mobile ATM.

Then my brother is getting married on 15 August (which is the main reason Santa Clause is coming home).

Once Santa Clause goes back to Philadelphia on 21 August, we have Joseph's Sports Day on 22 August. Then it's followed by DUMC's Children's Church VBS (Vacation Bible School) from 23-25 August. After that, we'll be making a trip down south to Yong Peng from 28-31 August. And somewhere in the middle of all that, I'm thinking of having something done to get rid of my haemorrhoids which are getting more and more irritating.

So it's a very busy month ahead. I've still got a wedding photobook to complete and flowergirl basket to be done by this week.


  1. Priscilla's Pop27 July, 2009 09:55

    I wish I can be there to lend a hand.

  2. hi, to show support for you, we'd like to pick a few pls let me know how and where to meet, coz edwin says next week u guys won't be at church.