Sunday, July 12, 2009

photos by Grace

Marissa celebrated her 1st Birthday last month and Grace was there to cover the event. She got some nice pics of Joe and Joy too. Joy has grown so much since Grace took our pictures in January.

I think she looks more feminine now especially with more hair.

This is my favourite....Joseph looks like a very protective kor kor.

not bad huh his barber's work...

Got to love those big round eyes...

And some shots of Ah Ku at work...

We'll have more by Grace come 1st August...I'm looking forward to that!


  1. Hey glad that you liked the photos! Your kids are becoming very natural in front of the camera. Are your kids going to be the flower girl and page boy for Michelle's wedding?

  2. Joy will be flowergirl. Albert's nephew will be the page boy.

  3. Joy is so so adorable now!!! Love her smile especially...

    Wah.... match making ah? LOL