Tuesday, July 14, 2009

papa's coming home

Joe made me laugh this morning.

I woke up him up this morning and told him that papa is coming home today.

Mama : Do you miss papa?
Joe nods his head.

Mama : Are you excited that papa is coming home?

Joe : Yes. But I had fun. I like sleeping in your bed with you.

Mama : When you grow big like Ah Ku, are you still gonna sleep with me?

Joe : No...

Mama : But why?

Joe : When I grow big, I marry Ashlyn che che, get a house, have children.

(Ashlyn is our cell leader's 9-year-old daughter)

I couldn't help laughing but tried to do it very discreetly.

He's way too mature for a 4-year-old!


  1. Joe said to me that it was the last time he slept on your bed today cos "my papa coming home & he bought a rocket for me".

  2. hmm....yes. I wonder if he's more looking forward to papa coming home or the rocket.

  3. why grow big like ah ku and not papa? how about grow big like ah ku AND papa? (tall and wide!!)

  4. you have a smart boy!! ;)