Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our latest addition...

We spent all of Saturday in church - 10.30am till 7pm plus.

Left home before at 10am to go buy some breakfast for my Little Lamb Ministry meeting at 10.30am. The kids played in the Music Room (which is full of toys and books) in Block D while we met in the Dance Room.

Then my mum and Edwin had briefing and prayer at 11.45am for today's Children's Church. There was a special event today - a carnival!

That started at 1pm. Joseph was very excited.

While Joy-Anne slept through most of the carnival, Joseph was very busy. He got his face painted then went fishing and came back with 2 friends.

He also went about to the various games stalls, throwing balls at cans and into cups, racing 'go-karts', eating candy floss and popcorn, jumping on the giant inflatable castle, etc etc etc.
In the process he won a few toys. He was really very happy today.

After the carnival, I gave him a bottle of milk and then told him to sit in his 'cave' (stroller, covered with my sarong sling to block out the light) and nap. He was knocked out from 4.30pm till after celebration ended at 7pm.

When we got home, I put the fishes into a container. Joy-Anne was very excited as you can see.... She wanted to catch the fishes and Joseph was trying to protect them.

Joseph wants to feed the fishes with bread crumbs. His papa says fishes eat dead mosquitoes. (????!!!) I'm not sure how long the fishes will survive. To prepare Joe for the inevitable, I've explained to him that as with all living things, the fishes have a life span and will die sooner or later.

And just to make Yee Yee laugh.

After Joy-Anne answers "ok", Joe will say, " and sister cannot marry!"

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