Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fresh Durian Creme Puff

I stumbled upon this place quite by accident....Cherry Cake House in PJ Old Town. I was in the neighbourhood to visit the 2 shops that sells ribbons, sewing materials and all sorts of craft stuff, looking for materials to make roses and baskets for Joy-Anne's flowergirl gear.

Located between the 2 shops I visited, and on the same row as McDonalds, it is quite inconspicuous. It so happened that there was a hand-scribbled sign that said, "We have fresh durian creme puff today" and I decided to check it out.

RM5.50 for a box of 8 pieces.

It's pretty good. The filling is very smooth and fresh. The taste of durian is not too pungent nor heavy. This will be a good introduction to durians for people like Yee Teow.

Seems this is their specialty. They only use D24 durians and make these only when durians are in season.

The also have a good variety of other cakes, buns and pastries. A whole apple or blueberry pie (the size of a regular pizza) sells for only RM15. I have yet to try this but intend to one day.

We'll go again when Yee Yee comes back.


  1. sounds very lip-smacking! next time you go there, please help me buy one box of durian puffs! tqvm!

  2. The owner is Mr Yap, he's a member of Trinity PJ (ex-BB Captain). Very generous with church folks *hint*

  3. counting the days...