Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anyone can be a mother...?

I seldom blog about stuff other than happenings in my life but I'm making an exception for today.
How far should one go to have children?

I came across this when I logged on to msn today.

Three years ago, Maria del Carmen Bousada lied to doctors at the Pacific Fertility Clinic in Los Angeles in order to undergo IVF. She gave birth to twin boys in December 2006 at the age of 66, setting a new world record in becoming the oldest new mom. She had told doctors she was 55 years old - the maximum age limit for fertility treatments.

How is this world record something to be proud of?

Now, she is dead at 69 years of age, leaving behind 2 toddler boys not yet 3 years old.

Who will raise the children? I feel sorry for this 2 boys. They were conceived by eggs from a younger woman and donated sperms and then implanted into Maria. So who are their real parents? Children need a father and a mother. Why is IVF done on single women?
There will be no end to the questions. I just hope the boys will turn out alright.

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