Thursday, July 02, 2009

little chatterbox

I defaecated fine this morning! No more lau sai!

Bodily functions aside, I am more and more amazed with Joy-Anne's speech. Not yet 1.5years old, she speaks like Joseph did when he was about 2.5 years old.

She says things like

Banana (when she sees a banana)
Animal (when I switch on Animal Planet for her)
Yoghurt (when she sees the yoghurt)
Yakult (when she sees Yakult)
Sit down
Bye Bye Nana
Wait ahh...
Abigail (her friend)

This morning after I washed her bum, I put her on the bed and told her, "Wait ahh...mama go take diaper."

And as I walked to the other room, I heard her say, "Wait ahh..."

Then as I was leaving for work, I went to say good bye to her. She put out her hands and said, "carry". When I carried her, she waved to Nana and said, "bye bye Nana".

Nana : Mama is a...?
Joy : dentist
Mama : Where is mama going?
Joy : clinic
Mama : Where are you going?
Joy : clinic!

A few days ago, she was giving a lot of nonsense at naptime. And so Nana said, "come...go sleep in Aileen's sarong". (Aileen is the baby my mum babysits)

So Joy-Anne climbed down the bed, walked out of the room and to the sarong in the hall and she said to Aileen (who was lying in the sarong), "Aileen....get up!".

I think it's true....girls talk a lot more!

And by the way....sorry Yee photos or videos now because my camera is in Barcelona!

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  1. never mind, i'm busy shopping for j! 10 hours today. tobe continued tomorrow: part 2!