Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Leicester ......

I was invited to a birthday party yesterday, somewhere in town. So I took a walk down to town. Things haven't changed much. But the Shires has been renamed HighCross ......

And there are plenty of Subway restaurants in Leicester! Yesterday as I walked towards town, I already saw 4 Subways! Not counting the one in Queens Road that I saw on Sunday. So that's 5 Subways!

I tried to find Finley for Joseph, but couldn't find it. Went to an Early Learning Centre and saw this ..... Rocket from the Little Einsteins for 6 pounds. The best part is - it floats! Can imagine bringing this to the pool or when Joseph is in the bath-tub. Ahhh - there's nothing like making the day of a little boy! :)

The party was held at a bachelor pad. These group of people are known as LOAF in the Chinese Church; they are the young working adults. I think they stand for something like Leicester Over-aged Adult Fellowship (or something like that). It's an extension to the YAF that I was in last time.

This is Jennifer. I used to teach her Math tuition during my PhD days. She was a little girl then. Now she's in 2nd year university (Loughborough) doing textile design. Everyone has grown!
And this is the birthday boy - Raymond (and his wife Michelle). Very lovely and kind couple.


  1. Edwin,

    Apologies - no internet at home as just moved to new place. And no access to FB from office. The area code for Dubai is +971, so you can just call me by dialling +971 50 xxx xxxx (the last 7 digits I gave you the last time), ok? Sms me your flight details. See you soon!


  2. Yes, "there's nothing like making the day of a little boy!" :)
    Joe is one blessed little boy with Papa looking for toys in UK and Yee & Teow looking for toys in US for him.