Thursday, July 02, 2009

In Barcelona

Hello, this is Edwin. Now in Barcelona (arrived about 2 days ago). Flew from KL to Dubai, and Dubai to London, and then London to Barcelona. Below are the photos of the Airbus A380 that took me from Dubai to London.

More photos of Barcelona in the next post! I can't view the photos after I upload them, so have to do them in 'small chunks'.


  1. yee teow really likes this picture of the airplane

  2. you got a photo of an A380 !!! argh! I want one too!

  3. the A380 was quite nice. very smooth and quiet take-off and landing. unlike other planes that scream and scream upon take-off. but we had 2 scary turbulence incidents - we had to help the stewardess hold the drinks cart as she was losing her balance too.

    then we had an aborted landing in London. we could see the whole plane because they installed cameras at the tail. the plane was about to hit the runway, and suddenly picked up speed again and flew around. later we found out that there was a British Airways plane that couldn't get out of the runway on time.