Saturday, July 11, 2009

Joe's first pet... a lizard!I caught it on Friday morning before Joe went to school. We saw it on the chair and Joseph was quite afraid of it. So I used a transparent container and cupped it. The lizard dropped its tail as I caught it. Once in the cup, Joe was no longer afraid.

I took the opportunity to explain to Joseph about the tail-dropping-self-defence mechanism. He observed the wriggling tail closely. Later I taped the tail to the cover of the container.

He brought it to school and wanted to show his teacher but he later said there wasn't time to do so. I told him that he can bring it again on Monday. But he said, "By that time, the lizard die already. Then we can have lizard exhibition!"

I explained to him that the lizard will die because there is no food and no air in the enclosed container.

As for Joy-Anne, I found out today she can count 1 to 10!


  1. Wow....You really have smart kids

  2. why u torture lizard to death?
    got no faster and less painful way meh?
    must teach him compassion also mah...

  3. if i piak with slipper, more messy wat. blood everywhere.