Wednesday, July 08, 2009

sleepless in my own bed

The kids have been depriving me of sleep for the past 2 nights. Since Edwin is on the other side of the planet, Joseph has been sleeping with me. He says it's because I would otherwise have no friend if he sleeps in his own bed. I'm just thinking of the electricity saved from using only 1 fan instead of 2.

On Monday night, Joy-Anne decided she wanted to sleep with us too. While she normally sleeps with Nana, that night, she simply refused to do so for reasons I know not. When placed on my bed, she fell asleep almost instantly.

With Joseph in the middle of the bed (not too near the edge otherwise he might roll off) and Joy-Anne next to him, I'm left with about all of 1-foot width of bedspace.

Not being able to move, I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling rather stiff. On top of that, I hardly slept a wink because Joy-Anne kept rolling and kicking. She rolled from beside me, to a 90degree angle near my feet and then she rolled to my head with her feet in Joseph's face. At which point Joe got up to complain, "Mama....Joy-Anne is kicking me!"

Then Joe went back to sleep and a little while later got up again to go to the toilet. Add in the several times they each semi-woke up to sleeptalk and I had quite a dramatic night.

Oh but Yee Yee, don't let this put you off having kids. It's really a whole lot of fun. :-)

Last night, it was another drama. Joseph went off to sleep alright but Joy-Anne wouldn't drink her milk. She wanted to play and walk here and there. So I let her while I watched CSI. By 11pm, she still didn't want to drink her milk. I put her on my bed (because Nana was out) and I lay beside her (to keep her from falling off the bed). I don't know what time she fell asleep because I fell asleep myself.

The same drama happened as the night before.... sleep talk, kicking, rolling, Joe gets up to pick pillows from the floor, goes to the toilet to shee shee....

I anticipate 2 more fun-filled nights because Kong Kong is coming today so Joy-Anne will have to sleep with me.

On another note, I'm quite pleased with Joseph's bladder control. Previously he would wake up in the middle of the night and shout "I want to shee sheeeeeee!!!!!" And either of us would have to get up, run to his room with a potty for him to pee.

Now, he gets out of bed, walks to the toilet, climbs a stool to switch on the light, pees, switches off the lights and gets back into bed all by himself. He started doing this while we were in Melbourne where the light switches are much lower, within his reach. Since coming home, he parked a stool below the switch so that he can reach it. I no longer worry about accidents. He's certainly smarter than his mother because according to my mother, I was still on night time diapers at 4 years old.

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  1. you can just go to sleep peacefully on jojo's bed!
    and yee teow ALREADY has a plan: lock the bedroom door.
    we'll see how well that works.