Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To move or not to move...

Since coming back from Melbourne, many people have asked us the inevitable : So are you planning to migrate?

A friend shared this article, written by Bishop Hwa Yung - a man I greatly respect. (We even chose his name to name Joseph and Joseph had the privilege to be baptised by Bishop Hwa Yung).

So should Christians emigrate?

I know for a fact that our senior Pastor at DUMC, Dr Daniel Ho is one who greatly opposes this. God has placed us here and we should not run away.

I have no comments about what others do but here's my personal take.
I do not deny that I loved it in Melbourne. Living there for 8 weeks gave me a taste of what it would be like, although not totally for real because we were in vacation mode. The air was cleaner, fresher and the grass greener (literally!).
My nose was clear and the kids were great.

Back home :

- I have stuffy nose everyday.

- Joseph has allergic rhinitis (or more commonly known as sinusitis). He's only 4 years old!!! It breaks my heart to see him wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for air and trying hard to breathe. His eyes itches and he has had a chronic cough for 6 months (which disappeared while we were in Melbourne).

- Joy-Anne has diaper rash + fungal rash on her bum everyday. Her forehead is covered with red spots (like rashes) and she's scratching all the time. Mozzie bites are everywhere.

Edwin and I have agreed that we will not put in a PR application. If and when we are to move, it will be because he is offered a position there, and the university pays for our PR application and our relocation.

I am actually quite hesitant to move for the time being. Joseph has just settled into Juara Cerdik and loves it there. We are quite happy being in DUMC and are happily serving there. As much as we feel needed here, I believe that no one is indispensable and God can raise up people where there is a need.

In any case, Edwin has put in an application for a Research Fellowship position. It is a very prestigious position and will do his career a lot of good. It is also a much sought-after position hence it is very difficult to get and probably successful only by divine intervention. We will know the results in a couple of months.

IFFFFFFFFFF he is successful, the position commences early 2010 and will be for 4 years. My prayer is that the application will be successful only if it's God's will for us to relocate.

So back to the original question.... no, we are not planning to migrate but if God wills, we will relocate.

In the mean time, Lord, if it is your will for us to stay here, will you please heal my kids completely!


  1. and I should add that if ever we move, it's not because I hate Malaysia. I just want to experience the beauty of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter which God intended for us to enjoy, didn't He?

  2. I am praying for you & Edwin and the kids. If you move I will miss you all specially the kids. But I get to visit you in Melbourne which I also like.

    The Lord has created everything for us to enjoy.

  3. how come you didn't mention Sofia's as one of the reasons that you like Melbourne?

  4. I feel what you feel. Greatly.

  5. haha....I love sofia's. But I wouldn't move just for pasta.

  6. hi priscilla... =)

    thanks for responding to my comment and linking me to this post.

    i can see that you've thought through this issue carefully and i can understand why you're contemplating emigration. i'm glad that you don't show any of the negative symptoms that were discussed in my blog (e.g. bitterness, anger, escapism, etc).

    so i can gladly say with you, may God's will be done. He will surely lead you in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake. amen! =)

    i'll be praying for you and your family's health, too. would antihistamines or rhinocort help? God bless! =)

  7. This is a wonderful post - I admire your faith so much and I think that you are truly guided by God's grace.

    You present a totally different viewpoint to emigrating which is really unlike the general atmosphere i.e. we're moving out of Malaysia. We've had it!

    Thanks for bringing God back into the overall picture of our future and our kids' futures. God Bless!

  8. Being a non-Christian, I didn't know that Christians are not encouraged to migrate. The article was an eye opener. I agree with Kittycat - I'm truly awed by your faith in God. May He continues to guide you and your family in everything that you do.

  9. There's a will , there's a way! Seeds have been planted! Wish you and family all the best!

  10. hi there,
    you do not know me... My nane is Charissa. i just stumble across your blog while reading a different blog. i realized that you are a member DUMC. i used to go to DUMC many yeas back wh.ile i was going to college. I loved that church, a college friend of mine by the name of David Cheng took me there. the last time visited DUMC was 2007.

    i guess i am just excited to read your blog and i know that the church had grew 10x since i was there in 1996...

    My God bless you and your family.

    Charissa Bruce

  11. Hi Charissa,

    Thanks for dropping by. If your friend is the same David Cheng I know (I know his wife actually), then we do have a common friend. He's got a lovely daughter, Alison who's 2 years old now.

  12. hi, i can't remember his daughter's name... i know that he has a brother name Peter... I lost contact with David when i came to the States and he left for Australia... we just got back in touch with him a year ago through facebook..

    i like your daughter's name. I am sorry i did not ask your name.. i am sorry for being tooo bold...

    thanks for responding...