Friday, June 19, 2009

roses, wheels and a potty for Joy

We're trying to get Joy-Anne to do her big business in the potty.
Mama : shee shee where?
Joy-Anne : potty
Mama : Joy-Anne poo poo...
Joy-Anne : yuck yuck
Mama : poo poo where?
Joy-Anne : potty.
But even after sitting on the potty for an hour, she doesn't want to poo there. And barely 5 minutes after you let her up, she does it in her diaper.

Last week, she broke one of the pretty hairbands I made for her. So I salvaged the roses. Then I found some really hard wire which I bent into shape, wrapped with satin ribbons and set the roses on them. they are unbreakable but fully adjustable. RM15 each if anyone is interested. The pink one in the middle is not for sale.

Joe now loves taking his new scooter to the poolside for a spin. Not to be left out, Joy-Anne also has wheels of her own.
She will say "baby!!! push...."

And lastly, I couldn't resist capturing this on video....


  1. wow she can sit on the potty for ONE hour!!! so patient!!! oh and the response to the bullying question is definitely automatic!

  2. potty in front of the tv mah... but got some resistance before she sit.

    and yes, it is automatic.
    bully = kor kor.

  3. ahaha so cheeky..kor kor is the default answer
    can't wait till i'm able to see them ^^ they're growing up so fast

  4. why is j (also) speaking like an ang moh?

  5. because she learn from her ang moh brother. and mickey mouse.

  6. u have 2 ang moh kias!
    can't wait for them to have a conversation with ang moh yee teow.
    they will understand each other perfectly.
    btw, mickey's voice was married to minnie's voice.
    cool huh!?

  7. cheeky... so cheeky yet so sweet.. :)
    rachel speaks like mickey mouse too! got ang moh slang...