Sunday, June 21, 2009

My first Teacher-Parent Day

Yesterday (sat) we went to meet Joe's teacher at our very first teacher-parent day. Initially Esther told me that we didn't have to go but I said it was not troublesome to go because we would be there all Saturday anyway.
So I was her last parent for the day and I had a good chat with Teacher Esther. She said that Joseph is a good student. Very attentive and obedient. But he day-dreams a lot. And she has to remind him to swallow his saliva!!!
I think day-dreaming must be a 'skill' he inherited from me. My kindergarten teacher also complained about my day-dreaming when I was a kid. Day-dreaming progressed to sleeping in class which I did all the way to secondary school and into university. ( I don't fall asleep while treating patients though. )
To this day, my school teachers remember me for sleeping in class.
Back to Joseph, teacher said he's good with numbers.
I'm surprised he got his chinese all correct.
He recognizes the words and know their meaning but he hesitates to say it because he's afraid of getting the sound wrong. I realize he would rather smile and pretend to not know, or say "I don't know" rather than try and get it wrong.

His english is not a problem either.
I like how he coloured the birds so neatly.

He got only this vowel wrong. (why does blogger keep rotating my pictures???)
Teacher said that he 'reads' with pictures. When she covers the pictures but not the words, he can't read. I told her that he can memorize entire books.

His writing....
Messy... but good enough for me. He's only 4.

Teacher Esther commented that he takes a long time to colour.

Partly because he day-dreams. I think it's partly because of how meticulous he seems to be.

He can write his name all by himself and will tell me NOT to spell it out for him. Usually, he writes alright. But I've no idea why he wrote right to left and mirror image on the Father's Day craft today.
Nevertheless, Papa wore it proudly while eating lunch at the DreamCenter cafe.


  1. You slept in class!?! Did I know that or have I forgotten? Can't recall. Then how did you do well in school?

  2. innate intelligence maybe :-) and a lot of God's grace.

  3. not only in class. in the bathroom, while on the toilet (doing math). in the bus in spore, in the bus in penang while going carolling, etc,etc,etc...

  4. Wow...he's really neat with his colouring! Cant't say the same with my 3.5 year old who likes to do a hasty job although I'm trying to coach him PATIENTLY.

  5. YY also got 100% for Chinese and Maths, but got several colours wrong :-)