Monday, June 15, 2009

swimming pool and shrinking dresses

We took Joy-Anne swimming on Saturday. It was her very first time in the pool. I must say we are very late starting her in the pool. She didn't quite want to go in. So Nana had to slowly sink herself into the pool to immerse Joy.

Joseph was only 7 months old when we first took him into the pool. On Saturday, he finally let go of either of us and splashed around by himself.

I have very cautious kids. They seem to have built-in danger sensors and will cling to us.

On another matter, I came home from Melbourne to find all Joy-Anne's dresses have shrunk!

Gotta go shopping or pray that 'santa claus' will send more pretty dresses (size 3 years ok...).

It's a good thing I bought her flower girl dress in an extra bigger size. It should be a perfect fit by August.
She's grown so much so fast. And she's quite a parrot. She says everything we say.... including words like 'abuthen' .... abuthen?


  1. The 3rd photo from the top, she looks so pretty & sweet. Shrinking dresses, clear sign she has grown!

  2. I also want to comment on the third photo...she looks so grown-up, doesn't look like 17-month at all. And she's wearing dresses for 3-year old? Beats YY flat man :-)

  3. okay, no problem!!!
    just keep her chubby.

  4. Hi there! Your girl has grown up so fast :)

    I love seeing how Joseph and Joy-Anne play so well together now. Am pregnant now and hoping that I'll have a little girl too!