Tuesday, June 09, 2009

pretty, chubby baby

We took Joy to see her paediatrician yesterday. I had noticed while we were in Melbourne, that her tummy is very big. When naked, she looks 6-months pregnant! Of course that's not possible but that's how big her tummy is. I also thought her belly button is slightly everted.
Anyway, her paed said there's absolutely nothing wrong and she's perfectly healthy. She's just had lots of good food and clean air in Melbourne.

Joy-Anne weighed in at 12.5 kg yesterday. 81 cm tall. And she's not yet 17 months. At 17 months, Joseph was 12.2kg and 83cm tall. So she's certainly more chubby than Joe.

And these.... are some things I enjoy doing more than dentistry.


  1. Did you bought all that hairbands just for little Joy?

  2. grandpa (to Joy)10 June, 2009 00:24

    The next time you print photos please print the first photo above for me. She looks simply adorable.

  3. "her paed said there's absolutely nothing wrong and she's perfectly healthy."
    that's what i told you!
    keep her chubby please...

  4. Wow! Joy is even heavier than YY. YY weighs 11.5kg only at 3.5years, and only 88.5cm tall. My paed was telling me that if you multiply by two the height of your child at 24 months, that'll be the approximate adult height. Looks like you're gonna have two really tall kids!

    Btw, the hairbands look awesome. Are you making them for sale?

  5. I guess they have their father's genes which is good. I always wished I was taller but I just stopped growing. And yes, the hairbands are for sale. RM12 each. Sold 2 so far... just testing the market.

  6. Joy-anne is really chubby& pretty.
    It'll be great if you guys are not migrating! It's such joy to have them around ;)