Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Home sweet, sweaty home.

It's been roughly 48 hours since we arrived home.

Goodbye clear blue skies. Hello grey hazy skies.
Goodbye cool dry air. Hello hot humid air.
My brain is not functioning. I'm a sweaty mess. The humidity makes me feel so sluggish. My nose is stuffy - actifed is my current best friend. Complain complain complain.... I could go on and on and on.
Today I asked Joe if he feels hot here and would like to go back to Melbourne. He asked me, "Mama....is it you miss Melbourne very very very VERY VERRYYYY MUCH??? How about we put ice on you?"

Joe's happy to be home.

I'm thankful. So thankful for so many things.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2-month holiday.
I think God knows I'm not the kind who can go on a rush 10-day tour. I would need another holiday to destress from the holiday. So I've always had long holidays overseas - 8 weeks in Melbourne this year, 3 weeks in Hawaii last year, 2 weeks in Melbourne in 2004, 2 weeks in Melboune/Sydney in 2003, 6 weeks in UK in 2002, 2 months in UK in 2001 and 1 month in USA in 2000.

Thank you Lord for your providence.
Not having to worry about money is a blessing. The houses we rented were also very conveniently located. And Westfield Doncaster reopened (after being closed for 1.5 years) just in time for our arrival.
Thank you Lord for wonderful friends and family.
People whom we meet for the first time take us out for a picnic. People whom we've never met loan us their car every weekend. Others give (without us asking) and loan us warm clothing at perfect timing. It was wonderfully warm hospitality everywhere.
Thank you Lord for your protection.
I heard a plane crashed in the Atlantic Ocean yesterday.

Thank you Lord for bringing us home safely.

The children have grown, and not just physically. I know Joe has learnt a lot from this experience.

We're happy to be home. But I will certainly miss the lovely parks, playgrounds and picnics. I will miss the yoghurt (the same tub that costs AUD3.89 there costs RM19.99 here!!!) and the ice-cream. Of course I will miss Sofia's too.

Now it's back to real life. And if you (like everyone else) ask when we're going there to live, the answer is in God's time, if God wills.


  1. Do J n j have milk drinking (from milk bottle) competitions like we did when we were kids? I always won. but of course!

  2. yes but Joe is such a spoilt sport. he says "everytime...I must win."

  3. JUST LIKE ME!!!!

    so far-neeee...

  4. You really should consider coming here to live for good.
    It's just different here and dentists and lecturers make loads of money.

  5. You forgot to thank God for a bro and his fiancee who clean your house before you got back!

  6. oh yes...how could I forget you... Thank you very much. Joanne's present is still in the house...