Sunday, June 07, 2009

one week - still adjusting

It's been exactly a week since we got home. I'm still trying to get adjusted to life back home and am very surprised it's taking so long compared to how I adjusted to Melbourne so quickly.
Actifed is still my best friend, although on a lower dosage.
I never imagined I would miss Melbourne this much. It's depressingly crazy! I've been trying to make a list of all the things I didn't like about Melbourne so that I wouldn't be thinking of all the things I don't like about Malaysia.
Malaysia -
- weather sucks. The kids have reddish spots (like rashes) on the neck, armpits, groin. Joy's bum has been reddish all week. She is perpetually scratching her head which is dripping with sweat.
- the air is bad. I have yet to see a spot of blue sky since getting home. Joseph woke me up at 5am this morning to pray for him because he was screaming "my nose is blocked! I cannot breathe!!!"
- I cannot stand the haphazard parking and reckless driving in here in Bolehland.
Australia -
- I don't like carpet floors.
- Most houses have only 1 bathroom/bedroom.
- toilets have no draining holes. How do people wash toilets?
- the houses (at least those we lived in) have silly small sinks with taps so low, it's impossible to wash pots.
The list makes me even more depressed because the things in Australia that I don't like - I can change it if it's my own house. But I can't change the things in Malaysia that I don't like - I can't change!!!
My grandma asked if we're moving to Melbourne. She said she'll miss my kids if we go. So I told her that I'll wait till after she dies. My Children's Pastor loves us too much to let us go now. Joseph loves his kindy and it's doing him good.
So I guess we'll still be here for now... unless God opens a door somewhere.


  1. Grandpa (to J and j)08 June, 2009 01:21

    It may take a bit longer, but I am sure you and the kids will adjust back to the conditions here. You & the kids were away for 8 weeks, so it takes time to adjust back. But I have to say, over there Joy looks so pretty with rosy cheeks.

  2. ehh... why no pictures?

    just look forward to the next vacation lar...

  3. yes Joy did have very nice rosy cheeks.

    and no pictures because didn't take any of the sweat dripping and red-spotted armpits!

  4. I agree. Joy looked so much prettier in Melbourne. So adorable, though she does look adorable too now :)

    Btw, h1n1 cases getting more now and my hubby is hesitate of the trip. :(((

  5. Sorry I wasn't able to go down to visit while you all where down there =( will definately welcome you all over to Australia if you choose to come and stay here! At least come and visit more often =D

    Re: swine flu, apparently Melbourne is "Swine Flu" capital of the world now =/

  6. Have been reading about your trip to Melbourne, so awesome. Always wished I could try living in another country too. And yes, have always thought about migrating to Ozland or NZ too, but again, it's been wishful thinking so far.

  7. hi priscilla... =)

    i've been having some conversations with friends about Christians emigrating or wanting to emigrate, to permanently relocate away from malaysia.

    i'm not sure how relevant it might be to your situation, but if you're interested i wrote about it here: (take a look at the comments too) and continued here:

    may God guide you and your family, every step of the journey. =)