Friday, June 12, 2009

cheeky kids

Joy has been enjoying this 30-year-old slide. It's probably actually more than 30 years old.She now walks up the front portion. And then she slides down and says, "wheee!!"

Joseph loved it too. This was taken when he was about 15months old.

And this is me....when I was about 15 months old... (ahem! the prettier one in the photo... )
I think Joy's prettier than I was as a kid.

She's even more cheeky than she is pretty. Yesterday, she tripped and fell all by herself, and hit her lip against a stool.
thank you Aunty Yin Fern for the pretty Gymboree (size 3 yrs!!!) clothes...
they fit me perfectly!

As she was crying, Nana asked her, "who bully you?" and without batting an eyelid, she pointed to Joseph and said, "kor kor!".

In actual fact, kor kor was nowhere near when she fell and even came over to pray for her when she cried.
kor kor enjoying his new toy
Joseph is another cheeky fellow.
I was doing some revision with him (so that Teacher Esther doesn't go mad on Monday) and I pointed to the first character (below) and asked him, "what's this?"
He said, "heng". Then I pointed to the second one and asked him, "now what's this?"
He paused a while.... and then he said, "elephant".
Mama : What???
Joe :'s an elephant.
See why I can't homeschool?


  1. hey! that's my slide. i was kind enough to let you slide on it cause u were so pretty. ROTFL!!!
    too bad my kids won't be able to enjoy it. save it for Boy's kids.

  2. it is an elephant.
    J's correct!
    such a loyar buruk like Ah Ku!

  3. The slide was made in 1975 or 1976 in Alor Star where Becca was born. That's 33 or 34 years ago. And it has traveled from A/S to Ipoh, to Seremban, Raub, Segamat, Penang, and finally KL. That photo of you and Becca on the slide was taken when we were in Seremban.