Saturday, May 30, 2009

Harbourtown, Docklands and the last dinner

We drove out to the city this morning. Actually, I drove out. Edwin took the bus because there's 6 of us and the car can only sit 5 (legally). First stop was Harbourtown at the Docklands area. It's a huge brand outlet mall. J and j were so happy to see a huge toy shop. Plenty of stuff to buy if you have money to burn. But we couldn't carry anymore stuff so no more shopping.

We took a walk around the Docklands area. Joe wanted me to take a photo of him with the boats.

It was pretty cold.

We met up with some friends at PapaGino's for lunch and then went to QVM for some last minute souvenirs.

but why can't I drive?

Then to the Pumpkin Patch outlet (again!!!) on Smith St.

We came home to have dinner with the very nice people who have been lending us their car.

Now I've got to go pack, weigh, pack again, weigh again.... good night!

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