Sunday, May 03, 2009

A very pleasant, lovely Sunday

Yesterday's weather forecast was really good. So I made plans to go to a nearby park (that has a playground of course) after church for a picnic lunch. The lazy people that we are, we were going to tar pau Subway sandwiches to the park.
But while waiting for coffee after church, we met this very nice lady, Patsy, who used to be from DUMC in KL. And it turned out that we have plenty of common friends. In fact, they used to go to the very same CG that we now attend.
When they asked about our lunch plans, we told them. And then they said, "why don't you do it the aussie way?" which is to have a BBQ at the park.
So we made a quick trip across the road to Coles for some supplies and then drove to Namatjira Park which is just around the corner from church.
Joe's eyes opened wide when he saw the playground from afar.
He made a new friend with Joel, Patsy's 4-year-old.
The women sat and chatted...

...while the men got to work because according to Patsy, cooking is the men's job.
We had lots of kangaroo kebab. ( I dunno why blogger rotate my photo)

It was great to be out in the sunshine. The weather was lovely. It was cool but not too cold.

Joy-Anne had a snooze session...

And Joe had a blast at the playground.

We had a very good time chatting and eating. The kids enjoyed themselves.

And Joe made some new friends.

At night, Ah Mah and Ah Kong's friends took us out for dinner. We went to Mabrown Restaurant in Balwyn. It's supposedly a very popular chinese-malaysian restaurant. Spicy Quail is their specialty. It was good but really spicy!

Joe loved the egg.

Joy just enjoyed messing with the noodles and rice. There was a lot of food on the floor for me to clean up after that.

We adjourned to Crown Casino after dinner to take a walk along the Yarra River and to see the fire coming out of the pillars.

Joe enjoyed some ice-cream...
..while the adults enjoyed a cuppa (as the aussies call it).
Thank God for good friends!


  1. Weather was lovely!! Kids can enter casino ah?

  2. I think cannot.... you have to be 18 to enter. When I came in 2004 and tried to enter, they ask to see my ID. So have to show passport.

  3. looks like joe conquered his fear of moving swings!
    what does kangaroo meat taste like? does joe know he's eating kanga meat?
    how much homework does joe have?
    he's only 4!!!!!

  4. ah..brings back memories. tairven & i had bbq at the park with his friends. the parks all have clean bbq pits, so convenient. if only they have those well-maintained bbq pits over here in msia.

    didnt take photos of the fire? hehe. it's a beautiful sight.. :) did the kids love the musical fountain in crown casino?

  5. Looks like your family is having a blast in Melbourne. You've been there for quite some time already, part of Edwin's work trip?