Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So young, so vain... so smart.

Joy-Anne continues to amaze me with each passing day.

This morning, she climbed into her stroller and said, "kai kai. Go!"

This evening, she grabbed the Women's Weekly mag I borrowed from the library.

She turned the page and said, "aunty"

Turned to another page and said, "shoe ....shoe"

There was another day when she was with me flipping through the newspaper and we came across a car ad and she said, "buy buy buy..... money money!"
My mum has been singing to her Sunday School songs and just now, she said "Oh Anne....obey....Lord". She can complete the end of each line of several songs now.
'mai' is her current favourite word.
Go to sleep.... mai.
Eat.... mai.
Drink milk.... mai.
She can also carry out a conversation with Joe :
Joe : Cow say?
Joy : moooooo...
Joe : Chicken say?
Joy : koh koh keh
Joe : little lamb say?
Joy : mehhhh
Joe : Donkey say?
Joy : hee haw
Joe : Joy-Anne can say?
Joy : har lohhh

When we spell out several words, she can say the word e.g.
Mama, Papa, Nana, Ha Ha, LaLa, Milk, Bus and Jesus.
I've got to try get this on video. But it depends if she cooperates.

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  1. Wah, so young oredi likes to go kai kai.... :D