Friday, May 22, 2009

Mornington Peninsula

This was what we did last Friday :

Woke up early in the morning to get ready before the kids woke up. We left home at 8.30am and arrived in Frankston an hour later.

The Frankston Waterfront Playground is supposed to be an award-winning one.
It did make Joe's eyes light up and Joy said, "Wah...!!!" when we got there.

Quite a cool place, right by the beach.

There are a few castle-like structures, swings etc

Joe loved this digging contraption.

We took a walk on the boardwalk and it was quite lovely.

At the waterfront is also where the Visitor Information Centre is located. Right next to it is Sofia's! They had a take-away promotion where any large pizza or pasta is only AUD7.90 (dine in will cost AUD11-13 for the same thing). So we tar pau 3 large pizzas and then drove up to Arthur's Seat State Park.

The drive took about 30minutes and we ate in the car to save time.

Thank God the earlier very heavy fog had cleared up (God answered Joe's prayers) and we could see all of Port Philip Bay. It was really beautiful.

We then drove down the hill on the other side and headed to Tuck's Ridge.

It's a lovely vineyard even though the vines are bare. I learnt that they harvest the grapes once a year around March-April. Nana and KongKong enjoyed the complimentary wine-tasting.

I'm allergic to alcohol so it was just them enjoying it.

Of course Joe is underaged. But it was a good experience for him to see a vineyard and after that he could tell me that a vineyard grows grapes to make wine.

Next stop was Gordon Glassblower House.
Unfortunately there was no one working that day so we could only see the process on a tv screen.
We proceeded to Rain, Hayne & Shine Farmyard. Just like the glassblowing house, the whole place was pretty deserted. There was no one who came to collect the entrance fee from us.

So we just walked around, took some photos and Joe said hello to some animals.

We turned back south-west to Boneo Maze & Wetlands. Entry fee for this attraction was AUD12 per adult and AUD8 per kid (aged 4 and above).

The wetlands have dried up a lot and there were no birds to see.

Joe was just attracted to the giant board games. We taught him the 'characters' of chess just once and he could repeat it back to us.

They have an adult maze (about 7 feet high) and a kiddy maze (2 feet high).

But Joe doesn't like enclosed spaces, preferring instead to be free.

At about half and hour to sunset, we drove down to Cape Schanck.

It was quite windy and cold, but scenic. There's a long boardwalk that enables you to walk all the way down to the water's edge.

But lazy people don't walk that far down because it will be very tiring to carry the kids back up! So we just watched from afar and enjoyed the sunset. It was a lovely end to a wonderful day.

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