Thursday, May 28, 2009

our last Sofia's...?

Last night a friend took us out for dinner. It was a last minute decision.

Ah Ku.... mama bought these for you. The red nose squeaks!

We ended up at Sofia's. Heh heh.... I've lost count of the number of times we've been to Sofia's in this past 8 weeks. They should give us some loyalty incentive!
Having had enough of pasta, we tried some different things this time.
Chargrilled Chicken Salad and a dozen fresh oysters (naturale) (AUD17). The oysters were very fresh and very good!

Fritto Mista (AUD20.90)...

Vegetarian Lasagne.... this was very good too.

Joy-Anne used the calamari as a bangle....yummy bangle!

I've come to realise the the prices are different at each location. For example, the Pasta Mista is AUD32.50 at Burwood Highway, AUD29.50 at Camberwell and only AUD25 at Frankston. We've also been told that the Camberwell one is the original location whereas all the others were opened later following their huge success. And some people say that the portions are bigger at Camberwell, smaller in Burwood Highway and even smaller at Wheeler's Hill.

Cakes are more or less the same price but the Burwood Highway one has a promo for coffee+cake for AUD8.90. Cake alone is AUD7.90.
our half-eaten Tam Tam Cheesecake

I'm gonna miss Sofia's - the home of good, cheap and abundant portions! Even Joe knows that Camberwell is the train station where we get off for yummy pasta!


  1. Hmm.... this is going to be a MUST-TRY for us .... ;)

  2. Joy could actually eat the calamari? or she just makan the fried crispy part?