Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bundoora Park

Sunday 17 May - we attended CityLife Church @ Manningham's 9am service. After church, we made our way to Bundoora Park, stopping on the way to tar pau pizza. The park is huge - several playground spots, plenty of picnic tables and bbq. I've come to like this about Melbourne. Every suburb has a few of these parks with well-maintained playgrounds, free electric BBQ and toilets (with toilet paper!). Everything is wonderfully clean and absolutely FREE!

The huge expanse of space and greenery makes me feel so free and liberated. I think Joe feels this way too because he was like a bird out of a cage - a total opposite of his cautious self when we arrived at St Kilda Adventure Park.

Joy-Anne was actually sleepy when we got there (because she woke up extra early) but all sleepiness dissipated as soon as she saw the playground.

We had a picnic lunch at the park. Joe enjoyed his mashed potates+egg+cheese+mayonaise.

Joy-Anne didn't want to eat, preferring to play instead.

She had lots of fun on the swing.

We managed to get a family photo. I realized most of the photos we have taken thus far are only of the kids.

Joy recently started enjoying piggyback rides. She will say 'horse' and want us to turn our backs to her. Then she gets on and says, "kok kok kok".


...who wants to sleep?

Sleep she finally did...for almost 2 hours in her stroller.

Joe has much more stamina and continued running, jumping, climbing...

Mama also did some climbing but the photos are censored :-)

Nana was like a kid again as well.

The dark grey rain clouds that had been hanging overhead earlier cleared up and the blue sky was just lovely.

Joe had some father and son time while Mama watched Joy-Anne in the stroller.

They had a private cookie picnic.

Joe seems to like this chocolate chip cookie very much.
We left the park when Joy woke up. Joe fell asleep in the car on the way home.
Exhausted... but totally happy!


  1. why is Joy still dressed like an eskimo? it's not even snowing!
    how cold is it there?

  2. it was quite chilly yesterday when the sun was hiding. I myself had 4 layers on.

  3. Joy looks so cute in her Eskimo-suit! :)